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While health comes first, it is quite normal to care about the look of your smile. We know your self esteem takes a hit if your smile isn’t as you’d like it. We can craft your perfect smile with ease. Trust the expert in cosmetic dentistry, your Reading dentist Dr. Ronald Rouzer. You would be amazed at how your smile can transform.

whitening - bleaching treatment ,woman teeth and smile, before aWhat do you want your smile to be?

Pearly White. You could try an over-the-counter kit. You could try a whitening toothpaste. These will work slowly, and achieve a less bright white look. Instead, you could come to us. We provide whitening that truly transforms. The process is simple, fast, and painless. Your smile will be photo ready in no time. This is by far the simplest cosmetic dentistry treatment.


Straight. Have you considered Invisalign? This modern product has replaced metal brackets almost wholly. The units are plastic. This makes them lasting and able to be removed. You can take this product out to eat, drink, and brush. You don’t have to worry about breaking a bracket. If you have crooked teeth, this could move you to do something about it.

Flawless. As humans, we don’t have perfect teeth. With a little help, any of us can have a great smile. For patients who want near-perfect teeth, we suggest veneers. Veneers are an option that is crafted by you. Cosmetic dentistry options such as these are meant to make you proud of your smile.

Restored. For dental implants, dentures, crowns, and fillings – choose us! We can provide a partial or full implant or set of dentures. We can replace old crowns or fillings with the latest materials. This service is meant to construct your smile so that it functions and looks its best. Restorative treatments are also thought of as cosmetic dentistry because they change your look.

Please, stop wishing for a perfect smile. Start crafting it, with help from our cosmetic dentistry options! We will make your smile white, straight, and strong. Instead of hiding your teeth when you eat, speak, and laugh – show them off! With treatments from Dr. Rouzer, you will want to!

Contact us now to schedule your free new patient exam. Once we know your teeth, we can help them be their best! See you soon!