Dental implants work best for patients who are hoping to restore a tooth or tooth group. The missing tooth/teeth will be replaced with a new implant crafted to match the loss. We implant the new hardware into your bone so that there is no worry of slippage.

Implants often support a piece of hardware. This could include bridges, dentures, or crowns. In our office, we think of implants as a special science. There is an entire artistry to fitting and placing implants well. If you are interested, we can share an array of before-and-afters of happy patients with implants. Our work is always precise and cautious. Overall, dental implants allow function to be restored. You will be amazed at how an implant can look and feel so natural.

Bridges, crowns, and dentures can all work to replace your missing tooth/teeth. The idea is that all are meant to look and work real. To have the most natural look and feel, you may need more visits. Fewer visits can still achieve a great look and feel, but with less contour and design. Our patients are always pleased with the results of implants.

Are implants right for you?

The main requisites for dental implants are strong oral bones and space to place. To have your mouth looked over and consult with Dr. Rouzer, contact us. Once implants are brought up, your dentist will see if your mouth is ready. You will have an exam to check out bone density. X-rays will be taken as well, to begin the process. The exam and eval process is all part of making sure implants are right for you. If you are a candidate, a treatment schedule can be set between you and Dr. Rouzer. Once scheduled, details will be discussed and the process will start. You will be on your way to a better smile in no time.